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01 - Incorporation


Since 2002, we have been helping more than 3,000 foreign investor successfully setup their company in China. Our services includes:


Plan, analysis and draft of the necessary Incorporation application material.

Application all necessary licenses and registered certificates.

  • Certificate of Approval

  • Business Licenses

  • Organization Code Certificate

  • Statistics Certificate

  • Foreign Currency Registration Certificate

  • Tax Registration Certificate

  • Financial Registration Certificate

  • Company Stamp


We are happy to provide advices in your business scopes, best type of company, capital amount, tax concern and foreign currency policies. Please contact us.







As a pioneer in the incorporation services industry, we are pleased to introduce the Company Secertary Concept and Services into China. Unlike most countries, China has not yet developed complete and professional Company Secretary Services where form a vacumm area in the market. Our Services includes: 


  • Review, prepare and well keep all Minutes of Director, Shareholders and necessary licenses copies

  • Well record all necessary licenses copies of Company and annual inspection records.

  • Well record all changes of company information and related important documents (i.e. address, director, legal representative, etc)

  • Statutory Annual Inspection



Our Independece and contiuity in supporting different appointed operation management from Headquarter are key resason for our client in adopting our services.

03 Restructuring


With the open of the China market, the taxation and restriction in incorporation has been changing quite a lot. The positon and benefits entitled by WOFE has been very closed to local enterprise.


More and more our clients considering in restructuring their business in China. Quite a number of earlier foreign investor are running their China Operation under combine formality as Representative Offices along co-operation with local company. Our services includes:


  • Provide advices on restructuring arrangement and plans

  • Open up new appropriate WOFE

  • Transfer and arrangement in employees 

  • Proper close down of previous operation entites

  • Accounting and tax support in the transistion


For more advices, please feel free to contact us.



We provide China entry visa application for foreigners


  • Business visa (M-visa)

  • Application of work notice, Z-visa, employment permit and work visa

  • employment permit and visa renewal


05 - Accounting


We provide full bookeeping services and construct suitable proposal to our client which fits best their accountancy need. Our Services includes:

  • Initial setup of charts of accounts, ledgers and vouchers systems

  • Prepare vouchers from primitive accounting records

  • Record legers and prepare monthly financial statements

  • Monthly and quarterly corporate tax filing and declaration

  • English monthly financial statements on request


Supporting accounting services in facilitate our clients:



  • payment arrangement and stamps custody service

  • bank visitings (Bank and cash services)        

  • Internet Registration on monthly issued invoices

  • purchasing of official invoice printed copies from government

  • individual income tax declaration



We provide various Tax Services to our client includes:


  • Monthly Tax Declaration

  • Tax Clerance Report for changing registered address and closing

  • Tax advices 




Limited to the accounting licenses over WOFE, we provided full auditing services through our years carefully assorted China Certified Public Accounting Firms with professional quality services in both Chinese and English reports and reasonable local audit fee, this includes:


  • Annual Audit reports

  • Special Request Audit reports

  • Due Diligence reports

  • Finanical Reviews


We are glad to advice you the best reports that may perfectly meet your buinsess purpose in China.

Payroll & Social Insurance
08 Payroll & Social Insurance Service


GoldSAC provides payroll service and social insurance management service

  • Monthly salary calculation and payment arrangement

  • Individual income tax declaration

  • Employee on board and termination arrangement on social insurance system

  • Social insurance and provident fund declaration and payment arrangement


For more advices, please feel free to contact us.


Corporate Advisory Services



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